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Preschool Education in Marietta, GA & Decatur, GA

Prepare your child for elementary success with a thorough preschool education program. Big Blue Sky STEAM Academy is a quality-rated preschool learning center serving those in Marietta, GA and Decatur, GA. We use the Montessori-style method of teaching, which means our programs go at the pace of your child’s learning. Because every child is unique, different techniques are required to ensure proper growth and development. Keeping your child confident in their learning journey is what our preschool learning center strives to achieve.

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Kindergarten Readiness

kids using an educational program on a tablet

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Without the right preschool program, your child may not have the skills needed to move on in their education. Our preschool learning center will help your child:

  • Follow Rules & Routines
  • Perform Fine Motor Tasks
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Develop Listening Skills
  • Recognize Words
  • Recognize Shapes
  • Recognize Numbers

We’re familiar with the state of Georgia’s kindergarten-readiness checklist and will ensure your child meets and exceeds the criteria.

Keeping Your Child Engaged

Learning doesn’t have to be boring, which is why our educational preschool programs are filled with fun, interactive activities. Through supervised outdoor play and indoor activities, your child will be immersed in a diverse and inclusive environment that allows them to express themselves creatively, honestly, and safely.

  • Encourage your child’s learning journey through educational preschool. Your child is never too young to start learning.
  • Benefit from the Montessori method of teaching. Our preschool program follows a set curriculum but is taught based on your child’s learning style and pace.
  • Set your child on the right path through preschool education. Your child learns the most from their environment. At our center, we provide plenty of opportunities for safe environmental interaction.
  • Help your child develop a love for learning. Our preschool learning center is focused on creating a diverse atmosphere that includes activities that will help them become critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

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