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Private Kindergarten Education in 

Marietta, GA and Decatur, GA

Discover quality kindergarten education with Big Blue STEAM Academy. Consider kindergarten education as a stepping stool for your child’s transition into elementary school. The skills they learn in our kindergarten programs will serve as a foundation to make their transition easier. As your child develops, it’s crucial that they develop the critical thinking skills needed to make practical choices. At our academy, they’ll become emotionally and mentally strong, confident, and sociable. 

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Healthier Children, Happier Minds

We believe that having a nutritious diet is vital to a child’s development. In fact, certain nutrients found in foods play an important role in cognitive development. When you enroll your child in our kindergarten programs, they’ll benefit from a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We follow USDA-set guidelines, but if your child has any dietary restrictions or sensitivities, we’re happy to accommodate.

Learning at their Own Pace

Our private kindergarten programs are taught by experienced Montessori teachers. This means that your child will follow a set curriculum at their own pace. When your child doesn’t understand a concept, moving to a new concept won’t solve the problem. Our kindergarten programs are different because we center them around your child’s needs, not around a set time-sensitive schedule.

  • Prepare your child for elementary education through our kindergarten programs. We not only focus on the “core four” (English, math, science, and social studies) but on art, technology, and engineering, too.
  • Find a one-on-one environment for your child through private kindergarten education. We understand the frustrations that come with a high student-to-teacher ratio, but we’ve created an environment that permits individualized attention.
  • Know your child is always safe at our private kindergarten academy. All indoor and outdoor activities are age-appropriate and carefully supervised.
  • Enroll your child in kindergarten education they’ll enjoy. By being in a diverse and inclusive environment, they’ll have the confidence they need to go forward in their learning journey.

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